Southwest Tour Grant

It’s been a bchk5usy summer…lots of playing and promoting of my new album Party Line. And while it’s been a fun yet challenging process…from writing to recording to releasing, it would be all for not without finances to see the process through. This is where I must take a few lines to thank the Southwest Tour Grant Committee, and the Southwest Tour in general, for their support. I have discussed the Southwest Chapter of the SCMA, and the Southwest Tour in a few different blog entries…where we, as a group, perform in different communities for different functions fundraising, for both the community and our chapter. The funds we make as a chapter are put towards a grant which helps the members in different stages of their careers. For  me, it helped cover the manufacturing of my album. I want to thank the committee, and the chapter, for their help…for both their financial assistance as well as their continued support towards those of us just getting on our feet. It’s when you’re starting from the bottom that you need the most support. So here’s to the boost that they’ve given me…see ya on the road! 🙂


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