Angel of Love

This July will mark 10 years since we lost mom. A lot has changed for me since then…marriage, kids…but it really doesn’t seem that long ago.  She was not only a wonderful mother and friend, but also a musician. She could sing like a songbird, and although she would shrug it off and deny it, she could tickle those ivories pretty good too!  When I moved to Saskatchewan in 2002, she had mentioned that she’d like to spend a week with me sometime recording some gospel songs. That is one of my big regrets, not pushing ahead with that project.  A line she wrote to me in the last birthday card I received from her  read “somehow you have to find time to keep writing tunes”.  That card sits in my music room and provides so much inspiration…

Mom loved her country music, and it was at Countryfest in Dauphin MB where she had the massive heart attack. Living music right to the end. She has missed a lot in 10 years. She never met my husband, Greg.  And while she knew 3 of her grandchildren, she’s missing watching them and 4 others (including 2 of mine) grow up. Or is she? After she died, I’ll never forget my 5 year old nephew saying “Grandma turned into an angel”. Those words were almost instantly turned into the song “Angel of Love”. I’ve performed it live many times (it’s almost always a struggle).  It always amazes me how a song that means so much to me can mean so much to others.

Cherish your mothers, and all your loved ones, that are still with us. And if they are gone, let those simple words of a 5 year old comfort you. I’m not an overly religious person, but if there are angels that want to watch our backs, and especially if one of them is my mom, I’m pretty sure  we’re going to be ok.




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