Let’s Take Back Summer!

Well, this is unexpected….first, who would have thought we’d still have January temperatures in the middle of April! And who would have thought that a cheesy kind of  song about it would get so much attention. Ok, I must admit, I’m excited about the video, but I’d have taken a warm spring over a popular video. I hate winter.  It’s not the snow, or even the cold. It’s the LENGTH of winter – if it would stick to it’s 3 months, or even sneak into 4, I’d be alright with that. The year I headed to New Zealand for 6 months – 3 summers in a row – I came home missing the change of seasons. Yes, I missed winter! Not this year boy.  Like everyone else, I’M SICK OF IT!!! So that’s what broke me last week. I turned to my guitar to vent and this is the song that came out. Winter has been pushing us a little too much and now it’s time to push back. Ya, I know, the weather won’t change until it’s ready to  change, but at least we can maybe feel a bit better about it. So put on your flip flops, grab your Bud Lite Lime and lets TAKE BACK OUR SUMMER!!!!

“It’s the spring we never had, made everyone real sad….snow just came falling from the sky

we all moped around, there was no green grass to be found. Winter just refused to say goodbye

So we’re gonna take back our summer

Go dig out our flip flops

Put on our shorts and our summertime tops

We’ll shovel off the garden, plant an icicle to grow

And say to Hell with ya spring, we’re spending summer in the snow

Well these winter-like days can really get a person down

Looking for the sun when it’s nowhere to be found

Well chin up folks, forget the snow, pretend it’s summertime

Fire up the barbeque and grab yourself a Bud Lite Lime

Ya we’re taking back our summer, slip and slide in the snow

Shovel off the lawn so we’ve got something to mow

Look on the bright side as you sip your ice cold beer

Don’t worry about west nile, there’ll be no mosquitoes out this year!

Well it’s the winter that won’t go away, even the geese are confused

They’ve traded in their webbed feet and are walking in snow shoes

Hey Mr. Suzuki, I thought the world was getting warm

Well it’s hard to get a sun tan on a beach in a snow storm

So we’re taking back our summer

Digging out our flip flops

Putting on our shorts and our summertime tops

We’ll shovel off the garden, plant an icicle to grow

And say to hell with ya spring, we’re spending summer in the snow

Na, to hell with ya spring, I think I’ll move to Mexico!”



2 Replies to “Let’s Take Back Summer!”

  1. Hi! Leanne from played your song yesterday, and i called cklq at noon today and requested her to play TAKE BACK THE SUMMER I LOVE THAT SONG…… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!! TARAS ( Terry ) Have to hear more of your songs. Thanks Terry

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