And a new year begins….

bassWell, it appears the Mayans were wrong and here we are in 2013! 2012 was a blast – playing some acoustic shows; getting together with some other members of the sw chapter  to form our own band (yes, still unnamed – must change that this year!); and ending the year and beginning the new one as a fill-in bass guitar player for Will Ardell (make sure you check this guy out if you haven’t already. He’s got a unique sound – does a mean cover of Jamey Johnson, and has some great original stuff).  The one thing that I didn’t get done that I was hoping to, was release a new cd. So, we’re going to work on that for this year. I’m also planning on re-releasing Wave, my first cd. I’ll be getting it mastered professionally in the next couple of weeks, with a couple bonus tracks added. Hopefully it will be available on itunes – will keep you posted on that project. In the meantime, thanx for your support. You can continue to support myself and other independent musicians by purchasing our albums, subscribing to our youtube channels, liking our facebook pages and coming out to our shows.  There’s a load of talent out there – yes, even in the rural areas!  So go check out those house concerts (maybe even host one!), or stop by anywhere else you see local talent advertised – guaranteed you wont be disappointed and you’ll be supporting someone who needs and appreciates it!  And now, as I step off of my soap box, I’d like to wish you a wonderful new year – see ya around in 2013 🙂



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