Somebody’s Someone, part II

Yup, I know I already posted a video of this song – Somebody’s Someone (here’s a link to the first post, The Story Behind the Song), and I’ll warn you now, I’m working on another video for the same song. I called on a friend from back home in Manitoba to help me to record it. Zack is 16 and has been playing fiddle for probably 15 of those years, so when Greg suggested the song needed a fiddle, I knew exactly who to ask.  So thanx to Zack for a stellar performance,  and thanx to Scott and Lisa for the use of your basement while we recorded “on location”.

If you are interested in downloading Somebody’s Someone, keep checking back to my website and the link to my Reverbnation store. I’m Having some technical difficulties, but am trying to get it available for purchase. It will be on my next cd, which I’m currently….slowly working on (can’t quite stay up as late I once could, and not much time in daylight hours to work on it) – so please be patient with me… I’ll set a goal for next spring, but not gonna guarantee a certain date! 🙂 

So here ya go… Somebody’s Someone!



*glitch is fixed….just click on the link to my reverbnation store, click on the downloads tab (or you can purchase my Wave album here first 😉 ) and Somebody’s Someone will be at the top of the list to purchase



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