Somebody’s Someone – the story behind the song

I started working on a song about a month ago…one that I actually started probably 10 years ago. My trusty notebook is my Bible, it’s  where I keep all my notes and write my songs. Anyway, I decided to flip through it again – it has quite a few unfinished songs, and I came across this one. Funny how when the time is right, a song has a way of just writing itself. This one, not based on any one story in particular, is loosely based on my grandmother and a couple aunts/great aunts. All living into their 80’s and 90’s, and all widows. My great aunt Addie,  was 92 when she passed away. He eyesight was gone but, boy, she still had her wits. I remember visiting her and her telling me that she doesn’t need a television to help pass the time. She had all sorts of videos playing in her mind….remembering the past and replaying it over. And I remember thinking what a great way to look at life.

Somebody’s Someone is about an old woman, a widow, who is thinking back on her past. She’s alone alot of the time now – everyone’s life is busy these days – so she passes the time just reliving the past, waiting until she can be “somebody’s someone” again. I’m working on the finishing touches of the recording, but until then, here’s me doing an acoustic version. Just click on the link below, I hope you enjoy….

Somebody’s Someone


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