Introducing Pete and Jo….

5 years ago while on a family trip to Arizona, we met a couple named Pete and Jo. I’ve known their daughter for a few years before that, and had heard of them, but to meet them was really an honour. You see, Pete and Jo are now 95 and 96 years old…they were in their “early 90’s” I guess when we met them. Jo…who’s real name is Emma, hopped up onto the bench seat in her motorhome to find some cookies in a high cupboard when we brought the kids over to meet them. She was up and down before we had a chance to argue lol.

Pete and Jo’s story is one of true love. They met as young teenagers, and now that it’s been over 80 years (married over 70) they can certainly say “I told you so” to the doubters.  I knew there was a song in there somewhere so I asked their daughter Brenda to send me some details. She did, and I wrote the song “Pete and Jo” and put on my “Party Line” album.

We recently headed over to Vancouver Island for a short holiday, and stayed with Pete and Jo’s daughter and son-in-law. This gave us another opportunity to visit them…Greg shared a beer with Pete and I got to perform their song for them. It truly is an honour to know this couple who are still as in love today as they were 80 years ago.

This is some video from that afternoon…this is Pete and Jo!

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