High on the Hogsback!


some of the Bauer cousins

…and just like that it’s August! In the world of agriculture, that means summer is winding down and the next season, harvest, will soon begin. It’s been a busy summer for the Newtons, as we did some camping and played some music all while trying to keep the farm chores caught up. August long weekend we headed back to Binscarth, Manitoba where we celebrated the year which would have been Grandma’s 100th. Family from across Canada came back home to where it all began. Grandma lived on that farm from when she was 2 until 2004 when she passed away at 90. It is still in the family – my cousin and his young family now live on the farm, and every few years they graciously let us all invade with our trailers and tents to get together for a few days…visiting, reminiscing, and of course singing old songs around a campfire. This is the main event you see. You can miss any other part of the day, but come 7:00 (give or take), the big old fire pit behind the original house and across from where the old maple used to stand becomes the meeting place. Over the years the circle has gotten larger (we had 3 generations of around 40 people this year), but the tradition remains. Grandpa used to lead us all with his banjo. Now some of us play guitars, others play banjos, and everyone lends a voice. Last winter I wrote a song about the old farm. Through the miracle of technology, I had my cousin Brian, from BC, sing on the recording with me. The title, and one of the lines in the chorus, is “High on the Hogsback”. There’s a ridge out in the valley on the farm that over the years has become known as The Hogsback. I remember mom referring to it many times, and looking back through old photos, you’ll most definitely come across pictures taken there. “We were living life riding high on The Hogsback….”. Hope you enjoy the video. 

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