fun, feel-good song  ”good times, good friends, bad attitudes and good-looking men”

This was written on New Years Eve in 1995 when I was working at CFAR 590 in Flin Flon. I had the morning shift for New Years Day

I wrote this after my mom passed away, when my 5 year old nephew said “Grandma turned into an angel”

If you’re from the prairies, you will relate to this one. I wrote this after moving from small-town Manitoba to small-town Saskatchewan. Re-recorded on Party Line

It’s about looking back and wanting things the way they were, and not appreciating what you have now

a love story 🙂

 another love story, this one about a single mother finding love

I wrote this on a bad day at work! “if you don’t understand what I just said, I underestimated your lack of brains in your head

Written in 2001 before I departed on a solo 6 month trek to New Zealand…..

This one’s for you mom…still missing you

Bonus acoustic track…preview of the follow up album Party Line

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